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        CD:  15.00            

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             We Started Singing together Professionally in 1961.

           We've sung together on several albums over the years,

            but until now have never made an album together as

                                 'the Yester Brothers'.

 This album goes to show that it's never too late. It was a joy to make

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 1. Stop! in the Name of Love           7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough        

 2. My Girl                                       8. Money (That's What I Want)           

 3. OO Baby Baby                            9. Just My Imagination                         

 4. Shotgun                                    10. Too Busy Thinkin' About My Baby     

 5. I heard it Thru the Grapevine   11. The Way You Do the Things You Do  

 6. Reach Out I'll be there             12. Dancing in the Street                      

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 With Songs By Jerry Yester, with Larry Beckett;

      Dieter Peukert; Kaz Sakamoto - Zaitsu; 

                      and Lilith O'Leary


P h o e n i x  9


  plus 4.50 shipping

01 - I need You One More Time        07 - Sugar Daddy
02 - On the Isle of New Orleans       08 - Reincarnation
03 -
21st Century Confusion             09 - Drunk Baby
04 - A Misty Nashville Morning        10 - 500 Days
05 - The Chase                               11 - Showdown
06 - How Do I                                12 - Lord Jim

Shadow on Concrete Wall

In the ’60s and ’70s, it was not rare to see Jerry Yester’s name on classic albums. Whether producing acts like The Association, The Turtles, Tim Buckley, or Tom Waits, or hearing him in bands like The Modern Folk Quartet, Rosebud, The Lovin’ Spoonful, or with Judy Henske on the (now) classic Farewell Aldebaran—aside from a pair of 1967 singles, there wasn’t a Jerry Yester “solo album” from that period, as he was so busy creating music with and for other artists.

Pass Your Light Around collects the songs recorded in various studios throughout the 1970s (and even one dating back as far as 1964 from his Bleeker Street apartment). The songs were written with poet/ lyricist and Tim Buckley collaborator Larry Beckett (who he got to know while producing Buckley’s Goodbye And Hello and Happy Sad), and feature performances by Yester, Rosebud bandmates David Vaught and John Seiter, future Lone Justice member Don Heffington, and even Laurel Masse from The Manhattan Transfer, among others. In true Yester fashion, the instrumentation moves from classic guitar based instrumentation to strings, celeste, harmonium and synthesizer.

Produced by Jerry Yester with Grammy® Award-winner Cheryl Pawelski, the sources for all the tracks were pulled from Jerry’s personal archives.  Packaging contains photos, lyrics, and a new essay from Barry Alfonso detailing the genesis of the songs and recordings, augmented by new interviews with both Yester and Beckett.

While it may have taken over 40 years to hear it, as Alfonso says in his liner notes, “What matters is that this remarkable music is available after four decades of obscurity. The light never dimmed. Now it’s finally ready to be shared.”       

Songs By Larry Beckett/Jerry Yester

                                             16.98 plus shipping

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Pass Your Light Around

01 - Pass Your Light Around                                08 - Dance For Me Anna Lee
02 - My Dusty Darlin'                                        09 - With A Hickory Pole
03 - Brooklyn Girl                                             10 - See-Saw
04 - The Whiskey Moon                                     11 - The Minutes
05 - Showboat                                                  12 - The Rose

06 - The Sun is Like A Big Brass Band                   13 - Across the Persian Gulf
07 - Corncracker                                               14 - All I Can Do is Dance
                                                                      15 - Hip Toad


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The first Yester Family Album,

featuring songs from the Family,

from 2007


        15.00 plus 4.50 shipping

Y e s t e r

01 - L.A. Riverbed            07 - All I Ever Wanted
02 - I Was God               08 - Showboat
03 - Tijuana Moon           09 - Come My Way
04 - Far Away                 10 - Mermaid Blues
05 - Driving Angry           11 - To Be Near You
06 - Clock on the Wall      12 - Elegy for Jeff Buckley
                                     13 - One of Us / No Somos Dios

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Vocals - Jerry Yester;

Vocal Harmony on "You Cheated - Jim Yester

Vocals on "Prize Ring " & "Holy Sacramento"

Jerry Yester, Jim Yester, Henry Diltz 

Drums - Don Heffington;

Drums on "You Cheated" - Andrew Hare
Drums on "Prize Ring & "Holy Sacramento - Bill Berg
Guitars - Jerry Yester;

Guitar 1 on "You Cheated - Peter Klimes,

Guitar 2 - Jerry Yester
Bass - Ronnie Holman;   

Harmonica - Henry Diltz

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Just like the BigTime

. . . . . . . . . . only smaller

        CD:   15.00

  plus 4.50 shipping

  1. Jackhammer    2. Firestone Blvd    3. Honey Man   4. Kiss Me

  5. You Cheated     6. Brooklyn Girl    7. Snowblind     8. Keep Knockin'

  9. Palm Tree Beaches    10. Love Lie Down    11. The Prize Ring

12. The Holy Sacramento

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